I can connect to my Windows 7 PC properly, can access the Pictures and Videos folders and even playback such media on my TV.

However, when I place a new file or even a new directory under say my "Videos" folder, that new file or directory is not seen by the TV. It continues to show the files as if the new contents were simply not there. After a while, it then starts to see this new content.

Obviously, the TV is not refreshing its list of contents and therefore not seeing the new files. I have not yet found a way of manually refreshing the shown contents on the TV.

Does anyone know how I can get the TV to see new files and directories much faster. It is really annoying when I want to play a video file from my PC that is not under the Videos folder. I can copy the new contents into that area, but I then have to wait until the TV sees it and that can take hours.


42PFL7666K/02 FW: Q5551-