Ok, I have a new Designline 42PDL7906H/12 TV, with a HTS9241/12 Sound Hub connected on the HDMI 1 (ARC) connection.

I also have an AppleTV device on HDMI 2, a PC on HDMI 3 and a satellite box on Scart.

I have encountered a stange problem when playing movies from my iPad, through my AppleTV with the sound on the HTS whereby I can hear the background music through the HTS, but the voices of the actors is missing.

This has happened on two seperate occasions yesterday, and it required both the TV and Soundhub to be power cycled to resolve.

Any ideas?

Also, having the sound drop problem that seems to be mentioned a lot on the forum where I cant get any sound through the soundhub.

I had updated the TV to and the HTS to V1.27