Dear Friend

I wish you can help me with this i have 2 problems :

* The first problem is the sound - my tv is conected to hdmi1 when i watch the cable chanels (israel) .
Now my htpc (pc computer - win7 64bit + 4gb Mem + 500gb*2 disks and i3 cpu + gforce9800 hdmi video card)
is connectet to hdmi2.

now the problem is when i move to the hdmi2 source and then i come back to the hdmi1 tv source the sound is vanished no sound att all.

I checked in nvidia website and there where posts on this problem wiche said make the sound over hdmi disabled in the nvidia card.
I tried that but nothing happaned still no sound when coming back to hdmi1.
Please Help !!!

By the way my reciver is connected to the cables box by optical cable and the is sound is ok throw the reciever but no sound throw the tv .

* Second Problem is when i put bluray iso file in the htpc i mount it throw dvd fab and the automaticly it recognize by power dvd 11 ultra and open it and play : the power dvd recognize the bluray movie and mark it as one.

But no 3d is availabe !!!
I can only choose sbs or top bottom 3d no full automatic 3d is availabe !

Is there any setting i need to do ?

By the way before i upgraded the tv to 0.84 last version i remmember there was a choise in 3d mode for automatic now there is no such an option only - sbs or top bottom 3d .

Please Help !!!

Thank you all i hope i was explaning myself clear .