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    Please fix this product!

    New Forum, new hope...probably the last one

    Former Streamium forum is full of desperate customers looking for their product be, at last, fixed.

    The very few firmware updates (latest being 1.18.1115, not 1.18.1117) have not brought this product to decent quality level, on basic features.
    Trying to summarize some outstanding issues:

    1- Turning ON device, 99% times brings-up setup wizard, even if setup was done previously and working.
    2- Curiously if you decline and press Home (after a few mandatory steps like language, location), eventually, it will just re-use existing setup -- well some only (SSID & key); for the rest (like network time) you are screwed.
    3- Network time does not catch-up after restart (time is wrong): therefore radio-clock is NOT RELIABLE!
    4- Radio-clock sound level can not be set at a minimal value: wakes you up very loud -- leave aside any hope for smooth & progressive level increase...
    5- Clock can NOT use CD, USB, Web-Radio, DLNA files as sound input!
    6- Frequent crashes: device stays ON, no way to turn it OFF, either by power-button or remote!
    7- Web-radio cache buffering is ill-functioning (BBC radios failing for instance)

    This product has been in the market for more than 1 year, and still does not perform as expected from day one.
    Worse, Philips customer support does not show any sign that these issues are being worked-out: no more acknowledgment, no issues investigations, no feedback, etc...

    Please let us know if some work is still being carried-out on this product, and if some firmware update is in the plan (with some target estimation).

    There's nothing as bad for Brand Equity, as letting customers loose trust and confidence.


    PS: I did not touch feature addition of course. The most obvious one, reading former Streamium Forum, is ability to efficiently search tracks on (populated) DLNA servers.
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