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    BDP3280 HDMI Ethernet Channel

    I have just purchased a BDP3280/12 3D BluRay Player to work with my 42PFL7666K/02 TV.

    As I found references to Philips products implementing the HDMI Ethernet Channel in 3D products, I obtained a suitable cable so that my Blu Ray player can access the network via the HDMI cable. This would save me having to invest in an additional splitter and cable and looks tidier.

    Although I am using a cable certified for the Ethernet channel function, the Blu Ray player is not seeing the internet connection and instead asks me to connect the cable.

    The TV is connected to the internet via a standard Ethernet cable, so it should be able to pass on the connection to the player. Should I be connecting the Internet cable to the Player and that is then passed on to the TV via HDMI, instead?

    As both devices are current Philips products, and Philips announces this capabilitiy on their website, is this a bug, a feature that is yet to be implemented in an upcoming firmware, or am I missing something?

    FW on the player is 2.21. I have not found any firmware download pages for this device on the Philips website.

    Please help.


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