Hello everyone,

Last week I changed my TV 32PFL5604H by a new 37PFL8605K. By this I used the same HDMI cable to connect the Philips DVD recorder DVDR5570H and the surround-amplifier Yamaha RX-V1900 as formerly with the 32PFL5604H.

Now I have the effect the DVB-T picture of the DVDR5570H transmitted by HDMI, is worse than direct from 37PFL8605K over DVB-T antenna.
The antenna is plugged in DVDR5570H and DVB-T signal connected through into 37PFL8605K. I expect the DVB-T picture should have the same qualitiy in both ways (no signal losses by HDMI transmitting)?
If I connect the recorder by SCART with TV, the picture is better than with HDMI and almost as good as via antenna direct connetion with TV.
The effect is the same at all HDMI TV interfaces. DVDR5570H has HDMI 1.1 interface and TV HDMI 1.3 interface.

What is the reason for this effect?

When I watch a blu-ray movie with surround-system Yamaha RX-V1900 the picture from amplifier to TV is excelent. But I recognize there is no sound transmitted from the amplifier to the TV via HDMI cable. The RX-V1900 has HDMI 1.3a output interface. At all HDMI interfaces at TV I have the same effect - no sound in TV.
Sure, if I use an surround-amplifier sound via TV is not nessecary. But with my former TV 32PFL5604H I got sound from surround-amplifier and together from TV. So I could compare the sound quality of TV and amplifier.

Is this new effect correct, or is this an error?

I hope someone could give me more informations to the two points.
Thanks and best regards