i have read through alot of forums about bad capacitors on this board.....272217100571 POWER SUPPLY 2300KEG033A-F PLHL-T722A

my tv has a black picture with sound. it went out slowly and had all the symptoms of a bad capacitor.i have read that if i replace the bulging capacitor that all should be good to go again. so i crack open my tv and sure enough there it a bulging capacitor... im thinking this is awesome. find a new capacitor and my tv will be up and running again.....not so simple... i cant find a replacement capacitor in fact i would like to get 10 new capacitors... here are the numbers off of the bad capacitor.... 1000 µf 50 volt 150 degrees C... now i can find a 1000 µf 50 volt capacitor just NOT with a temprature rating that is that high. i found 1 website that gave me the option to buy in bulk which was 300 capacitors.... i dont need that many. does anyone know a site that has what i need? i would rather pay $2 as apposed to the $135 for a whole new board. any help would be appreciated.