Yesterday i bought tha 32pfl5606 TV and althought i am satisfied with the great picture, i have a couple of problems.

First - when i try to update the software, after the update, when the TV restarts it says that new software has been found on the insrted USB which im guessing means that it didnt instal the update properly.
So, i download the update, plug in the usb, update, restart and after the TV starts again it says new software detected, do you want to update and so on. This goes on in a loop. Why?

The second problem is the reason i want to update. Althogh the manual clearly satas that the options HD natiral motion and 100hz clear LCD shold be present in the Pixel plus HD menu, they are not. THe pixel plus HD submenu is present in the picture menu but these two options arent there. Why?

The third and biggest problem is the reason i look for the hd natural motion and 100hz clea lcd options.
When compared to my other hdtv the picture of the philips looks a bit jerky, almost like it suffers from low refresh rate. i have read that sometimes 100hz TVs can exibit this, so i wanted to turn off the 100hz options, and it was then that i noticed that this option isnt presen in the pixel plus hd menu although it should be. Why am i gettin a jeky picture? the jekry picture is noticable espiecialy on slow moving scenes and it really bothers me. Its the same with regular TV and when i connect my laptop via HDMI to watch movies.

this tv has awesome color, contrast and sharpness but the motion, is hugely lacking. how can i fix the jerkynes (judder i think they call it no?)