Hello Philips-users and experts,

I have bought a Philips 42PFL7676H over a week ago and I really like it's possibilities. Although the main reason for buying it are the HD-quality, the design of the TV and the Ambilight feature, I also want to use the TV to view media, such as photo's.

In the (downloaded) manual I read that the SD-card reader is only meant for storing video bought on-line????? What #@!.% is that? Almost all digital photo-cameras have SD-cards for storage these days. Is it not extremely logical (Spock would agree) that you can take the SD-card from your camera, stick it in the SD-card reader in the TV and view the photo's?

I don't want to run around with a (brand-specific) USB-cable and I certainly don't want to move GB's around to an USB-device, to achieve the same result... Please add this to the next firmware?

Thanks in advance.

BTW.: SD-cards are also big enough in capacity nowadays to store video, so it would be logical (again ) to also support viewing (3D-) video from it!