Hi Folks,

as there currently is no thread summarizing all the whishes for a new firmware release, i want to start one here.

My whishes are:

- alphabetic search in media library
- no unsolicited reboots
- faster internet radio streaming start
- rotateable menus (jump from last to first item and from first to last)

other users whishes (to be continued):

- More data on display about internet radio stations and other streaming sources:
- title (song, artist)
- compression format (mp3, wma, ...)
- compression quality (bps, vbr, ...)
- mono/stereo
- Better provider than inactive RadioTime, maybe vTuner.

- Having an option to start playing what was before switch-off on Internet radio: last radio station should automatically play (no need to choose device especially when no satellite (please explain, what kind of sattelite the MCi298 could connect to ) is connected)
- Being able to drop/grab music files like on a normal disk ? (please explain, don't know what that is )
- FLAC compatible ? (please explain, don't know what that is )

- Napster support

- Support for LastFM

- Many more display dimming steps (down to almost completely dark) for both in use and standby options. The existing dim setting is far too bright for bedside use of the unit and it needs to be many times darker.

*Media Library*
- ignore formats the device can't play (I have flac+mp3 - why does the device show me the flac?)
- set * store preferred format
- Add FLAC support!
- Searchable Artist/Album
- 'play album' - why do I need to select the album and then the first track?
- Jump by letter (search ahead on text entry?)
- Select by Artist should then list album (comment from fröschl: I suppose this depends on the media server used and can not be handelt by the MCi298)
- fix the display freeze on album play (typically ~18s in to first track)

*FM Radio*
- search by name
- delete selected stations from scan (found 20, 5 of which are not FM stations, I only listen to 5)
- select by preset number (why are 'favourites' stored as 'presets'?)
- manual entry of station name / frequency

*CD player*
- woeful start time & fails to recognise commercial CDs

Edit 11.07.2011

Still very unhappy with this device. If it would not look that nice and also most of the time work fine, I would have thrown it away a long time ago (or better sent it back to get my money back ;-) ). It still restarts once in a while by it selves, forgets time and date, plays internet radio or not, not to forget the list of all the above collected wishes which are still not seen in the latest firmware.

Philips, please fix this! SOON!!! IT IS ANNYOING!!!

Edit 10.10.2011

Is there anybody out there? From Philips? Are you working on this devices firmware or are you leaving us that bought this alone with our problems? Hello? Any answer? Are we alone? After we BOUGHT a Philips device?