I'm having problems transferring my itunes library from my PC hard drive to the hard drive of the WACS7500.

The problem is that when you copy them across onto WADM the tracks loose the album name and artist name but add the track number to the start. For example:

Itunes will show: <Filename> 01 You da one.m4a; <Tag> MP4(MP4); <Title> You da one; <Artist> Rihanna; <Album artist> Rihanna; <Album> Talk that talk

When transferred using WADM the information that shows is: <Title> 01 You da one; <Artist> No Artist; <Album> No album; <Genre> No Genre

I have tried using the solution as outlined on this forum post http://www.streamiumcafe.com/vBullet...p/t-20880.html but I do not have any tags starting with "COMMENT ITUN".

Any ideas as I really want to transfer my music across and starting using this sound system.