I have a problem......... my WAC 3500 has stopped powering up, so like many i thought it was time to take off the cover and have a look. after a little research i found that the power board is a common issue something to do with cheap capacitors but have found nothing that looks like the picture i have seen in the internet for replacement parts but i have found a board at the top of my machine on the right hand side that stands upright.

this board i reffer to seems to have brown mess around some of the capacitors (470 the only number i found) and looks to be the same board that hold the ethernet port. I have tried to find a price for this board and rangs phillips for advice and a part number but the only advice i got was to take it to a shop and have someone find the part number for me (trying not to spend more than the stereo is worth here)

Might anyone know what this part is and where i might be able to find it.

Summary for anyone scanning through..... Board directly behind ethernet port upright just inside right hand side cover wac 3500

Please help am desperate not to lose content