The biggest annoyance of my BDP9600 is that you cannot push the power button and immediately eject a disc (let alone eject without pushing the power button, as you can on most other players).
Instead you have to not only wait until the device has booted, but you also have to wait until the disc in the tray has initially loaded.

Pressing the Eject button during boot does light up the button but the lights goes out after a few seconds and the device does not eject the disc.

Since my kids tend to leave movies in the player and since I want to have a clean desk, this is an operation I do very often and which is very annoying for such an expensive device: Power On, Eject Disc, Close Tray, Power Off. On the BDP9600 this takes at least a minute. Frustrating.

Please fix this in an upcoming firmware release. I will be forever grateful.

Chris (a true Philips fan, although my message may not indicate that immediately)