Hello everyone.

It is my first posting here on this forum, so be gentle with me! I bought a Philips GoGear Muse 16gb (Model Number SA3MUS16S/02) and downloaded Songbird to my Windows 7 netbook, to see if there were any updates for the player. There was an update available from Version 1.34 to 1.46, so I downloaded it.

This is where the problems started. Prior to the update, the menus all worked; they displayed correctly and everything was fine. Since the update, the menu icons show up, but the actual menu details are showing as question marks. This happens on every menu, and every sub-menu, all across the player. Information I have added myself, such as music files, video files, etc, all have their correct listings, in English, as I set them. It is the built in menus that are having this problem. Is it a known problem, or am I the first person to have this problem? Can anyone offer a solution for me? I don't mind resetting or reformatting the player if it would help, but I have some Iplayer files that I would lose if I were to reformat the player. I am happy to do this, once I have seen the programmes though.