Hi guys,

Could you advice? I've just bought 32PFL5406H and the most interesting thing for me is to use USB connection without any problems.

Last firmware has been installed: TPM62E_2.20, 2011-11-24

My TV reads FAT32-formatted 16GB Transcend USB stick with all avi. jpegs etc, but do not read it when it is NTFS-formatted.
My TV do not recognize WD HDD 500 Gb NTFS-formatted.

What does it mean? In one of the threads I've seen that NTFS should be supported! Is it true?

For HDD WD500: do I need to find HDD with power supply or it is possible to do something with my WD?

It would be good to know what is the best way to play files bigger than 2 Gb?

Thanks a lot,