Dear Philips,

I would like to stream music from my pc to my DLNA enabled TV or Blue Ray Player, similar to the way wifi-mediaconnect works. So when I am working on my pc and want to listen to music I would like to have a similar icon as for wifi-mediaconnect which i simply click and would send the audio wirelessly to my Philips TV or Blue Ray Player which in turn passes it on to my dedicated receiver.
I have spent a lot of time searching the internet for some program which makes this possible. I found loads of programs which allow you to play music which is stored on a NAS or pc (this options are also provided on the tv and the blue ray player). But all these options oblige you to control your music from some remote controller or from your smartphone. I just want to sit at my computer and give the command to play the audio from my pc wirelessly to my home theater setup.

I could of course simply use wifi-mediaconnect to do this but this demands a lot of processing power of the pc and it scales down the resolution of my pc display because it is not able to send full HD video to my tv (pc hardware limitation). This all causes quite some discomfort when using the pc for regular purposes. And this is all because I try to stream a video and audio signal to the tv while I only want to stream the audio signal.

The only program I could find on the internet which enabled me to stream the audio to my DLNA enabled Blue Ray player was called "Jamcast" but this demanded navigation through the blue ray player's menus with the remote and the program simply did not perform well.

So I think Philips could greatly improve the functionality of its DLNA enabled devices if Philips could offer an application similar to wifi-mediaconnect, which enables consumers to stream audio from their pc's to their Philips DLNA-enabled audio devices without leaving the computer.

Other companies are creating similar applications (like apple's "airplay") which makes me believe this is an economically viable idea.

A further improvement to this application and also to wifi-mediaconnect would be the possibility to make the TV or other DLNA enabled device wake up from standby when giving the command from the computer to play audio/video. This would be similar to the "Wake on Lan" protocol for computers.

Any reaction would be welcome

Ps. I was uncertain as to where to post this topic, so please respond if this thread should be posted elsewhere on the forum.