On receipt of my new TV I updated the software with release Q5551 dated 2 Sep 11 and this eradicated the problems of audio drop-out on switching between channels after which all appeared to be working well. Subsequently, another release of software (Q5551 dated 14 Nov 11) became available and once again I updated the TV software. Subsequently, I am experiencing problems that did not exist with the previous software update (Q5551

The problems are outlined thus:

1. TV Cold Start (Switched off at power source). Apply mains power to TV, then use either the "Standby" button or "Home" button on Remote control to switch on the TV. Result - audio and video drop-out after approx 4 seconds, for approx 2 seconds then both are restored. Subsequent switching between TV channels works OK.

2. Warm Start (TV in Standby mode). Switch on TV by using either the "Standby" button or the "Home" button on the Remote control and all works OK.

3. Put TV into "Standby" mode after viewing TV and then, before TV has settled in "Standby" mode - which takes several seconds, press the "Standby" button on the Remote Control to reactivate the TV. Result - immediate audio and video, immediately followed by audio and video drop out, followed by restoration of audio and video for a few seconds and then another brief drop-out of both audio and video before it settles down to constant audio and video.

All of the above appear to be the result of the latest software upgrade dated 14 Nov 2011.