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    Post Feature Req: Jump to time in movie streaming

    I really do not know if this is the correct place to post it. But in my opinion it should match.

    It is annyoing if your dlna streaming is interrupted by anything. Be it slow wlan connection, network errors or just because someone want's it.
    I think many people have no problem to start the movie again. But here comes it. Lets say you are watching lord of the rings (extended edition) part 3 and your stream crashes after 2.5 hours of watching...
    I think you allready know what i mean.

    How long would it take to fast forward at the current state to the position you were?

    I do not want to calculate it. It is better you do not know it... (guess: 30min+)

    How about a function that you can use and just jump to a time in the movie? Lets say you open it through the options menu and you are asked to what time you want to go. Just insert the time: 1-8-0 and hit ok!. And you can go on watching the movie. If you missed the exactly spot where you were it is no problem. The fast forwarding will help you to jump a couple of minutes but not hours! This easy function has another advantage. If you want to show friends some nice scenes of the movie you can do so without saying: "Lets wait 20min fast forwarding the movie then you can see what i meant!". Ok not every movie has 4hours but at least 90min. Even that is a lot of time to fast forward!

    So... What do others think of it?
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