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Hi Guys,

Sorry to say but we dont have this feature right now and there are no plans to have it in the future.
But we never know, if there is any chance to have i will keep you informed.

TVs are getting more and more an integrated multimedia device which provides access to a lot of media from different sources.
The future user won't buy a stack of devices to have an optimized one to play 1. from network, 2. from internet vod service A, 3. from vod service B. It is much more comfortable to buy one advanced TV which provides a comfortable user experience. And fast forward/backward is a minimum for video playback.

NetTV with its vod services can replace the video store/video rental service around the corner and a DVD-Player/Bluray-Player with all that effort you have to rent a video!
But to support that, the user wants this features.

Let's make a difference...