My new 7606t doesn't convert 2d to 3d 'on the fly'. One of the reasons I bought the tv was because Philips says it can -

Featuring Easy 3D, the new 7000 series uses passive 3D technology to recreate the enjoyment of 3D viewing just as you would experience it at the cinema. Featuring an advanced 3D polarizer, 100Hz refresh rate, Full HD LED and Philips’ Pixel Precise HD engine, 7000 LED series brings you the most comfortable, sharp and affordable 3D viewing experience with minimal cross-talk. In addition, its state-of-the-art 2D-3D conversion technology means you can watch your favorite 2D movie in 3D without the distortion you would normally expect from 2D-3D conversion technologies. Philips' innovative 2D-3D conversion technology ensures that background and foreground images are not accidentally mixed, that subtitles remain at a constant depth and that images are not distorted, meaning you always get the best-possible 3D experience.

How do I access this - I have tried selecting 3d in a 2d picture and all I get is a blurred / distorted mess. Any help appreciated.