Philips PFL9604H/12 (firmware version Q5492_0.26.78.0)
Philips BDP7600/12 (firmware version 1.35)

What is the problem: when the Blu-ray player is switched on while the TV is playing (from the Cable decorder connected to HDMI channel 1), the TV switches to the appropriate HDMI channel 2 connected to the Blu-ray player. However color is heavily distorted (blue becomes violet, white becomes green) and sound is not transmitted.

A work-around appears to be:
1) switch all the power off and disconnect mains;
2) disconnect the both HDMI cables;
3) switch the TV and the Blu-ray player on;
4) reconnect both HDMI cables.

This problem also occurs with the Philips BDP5100/12 (firmware version 1.57).

The problem is definitely not related to the HDMI cables (this was excluded). It is almost certainly not related to either of the two Blu-ray players as the described problem does not occur in combination with an older Philips television with HDMI inputs.

I suspect that the "initialization" of the HDMI connections appear to get lost and that reconnecting the equipment from a neutral state reinitializes the correct settings.

Obviously I am looking forward to a fix.

Kind regards - Paul