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    MCi298/05 new firmware 1.20.1149

    Another support query if anyone is listening

    Last week my MCi298/05, during one of it's random re-boots, informed me that a new software version (1.20.1149) was available.
    After attempting to download it via the wireless link, and ending up with a locked device, I switched off at the mains, plugged in an ethernet cable and successfully downloaded and installed the new software/firmware.

    AFAIK there has been no "official" notice of this release on the device support page and no release notes.

    What issues is this release supposed to have addressed? (My device behaviour is unchanged as far as I can tell, see my earlier post on support links, posted 22nd Nov).

    Also can we have the option of downloading the software updates via a pc onto a USB stick so we can update from USB
    rather than directly to the device over the wireless connection, which is totally unreliable.

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