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    Quote Originally Posted by schloessi View Post
    Till yesterday I only had the problem as described in this thread:

    Then I saw this new firmware release and I installed it immediatly hoping it would fix the problem.

    The bottom line is it didn't fix my problem but brought me a new one with audio drops every few seconds which result in disturbing knock sounds coming from the speakers of my hts7201.

    That's a nice Christmas present, Philips guys. Thank you.

    The WAF (Women Accseptance Factor) is down to zero.

    I have same problem but it only happens with my bdp3200/12 blu-ray player if i example listen to cd's. No knocks with bly-ray's or DVD's. I tried it with different tv so it definitely is this firmware update what causes theses horrible knocks. Unfortunately i don't have separate speakers.

    I really wish i could find the 27.7.2011 firmware version, it worked much better than this one. I would like to downgrade but i can't find it anymore. I just spent several hours looking for it.
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