First to say: Hello and thank you for the great community. As you see from my name I am a LED TV beginner, but I am actualy kinda PC geek. Anyway I have some questions regarding a PHILIPS LED TV we intend to buy.
Because I just lack the information (of course have been reading a lot these days)
So the model we want to buy is from 2010 and is: PHILIPS 32PFL7605H/12
Why we want to buy it?
Because of the amazing features 100 Hz and 2 ms refresh rate. The contrast ratio is not millions to 1, but I still think it will be very good TV when we talk about picture quality! And I know its EDGE LED but most of the LED TVs now are EDGE LED and the ones that are not lack some other key features but this is not to be discused in this topic)

The things I would like to ask the PHILIPS support guys and the guys from the community are for the subtitles
I read on some other forum that this TV IS ABLE (as we know from specifications it is NOT) to show subtitles through DLNA connection (LAN or Wifi i dont think it maters) using a specific DLNA server on the Computer that was streaming media.
So what do you think of that?
Another important question: Is it true that you can only watch 720p HD when watching through DLNA wireless connection?
If so is the wired DLNA connection able to show full HD movie picture?)

The other thing that Concerns me a lot is: Are the Philips software specialists intending to compile and release a New Firmware that will have more options for the TV player:
better playing movie formats, more options, fixed known bugs, improved quality, and most of all : adding native subtitle support?
Because from all TV brands we have been looking I think PHILIPS are the best when it comes to screen quality and Picture quality. But I have read on forums that PHILIPS TVs lack the support for some formats ( and this is the time to ask is it possible for the philips software specialits to compile a new firmware that will add more codecs?) and the lack of native subtitle support? It is even strange why there is no Subtitle support?
I will thank each one of the Philips support guys and the community guys who have information and would like to discus it in this topic.
Will I be able to connect to Net TV through the wireless dongle that is used for the DLNA if the dongle is connected to my ome WI FI router (using the dongle to connect to PC for DLNA and at same time to connect TV to the internet?

The last thing to ask is what is the warranty on PHILIPS TVs? The seller offers us 2 year warranty but isnt that just a seller warranty? What is the manifacturer warranty for the PHILIPS 32PFL7605H/12

And will uploading the firmware myself void the waranty?
Thank you all!
(Sorry if I have made any typos)