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    Super Resolution bug on PFL9705

    Hello again everyone!

    This time I would like to begin with a question for all PFL9705/9955 owners. It's about "Super Resolution"...

    I have read around the web that some people (owning a 40/46" 9705) are saying they "can clearly see the difference" between "Super Resolution" On or Off.
    I have also heard reports from people (owning a 32" 9705) that they "do not see any difference". This goes for me too.

    Over the past year I have tried every setting in every possible situation, and I can always see a difference between all the different settings... Except for "Super Resolution"! No matter the source, I can not see anything changing when going from On to Off.

    So now my question: how is that for you?... And please tell me your size (32/40/46/58") as well.
    If you can see a difference, I would also like to know the source and what exactly the change is.

    I am just wondering if "Super Resolution" really is never working or is always working on a 32PFL9705.

    Thanks again in advance!

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