Hi All

Playing online radio channels is a wonderful feature of the MCi298. I’m excited about that.

Some stations though are not working properly. The following three I added to favorites for my daughter:
101.ru – Lullaby
101.ru – Baby Box
101.ru – Grigory Gladkov

All of them keep buffering longer than usually, and by turns with buffering deliver a message telling that it is time to switch off a player and go to listen online using a browser.

I didn’t try other channels from 101.ru, but any other channels I tried work well, even those I’ve added manually.

First two of those channels, Lullaby and Baby Box, work with RarmaRadio (application for listening to online radio etc.). I tried to use IP addresses and URLs of those channels obtained from their properties in the RarmaRadio (just added those as My media using the same media type - WMA), but it doesn’t help, experiences were exactly the same as before. It may be so that the RarmaRadio mask itself as a browser (using the User-Agent field of the HTTP request-header), while the MCi298 shows a proprietary name (sorry, I don’t have time to check it), and thus all the requests from the MCi298 are redirected to the other stream. Or, it may be some other reason…

It would be very nice to have this situation fixed. Thus my daughter would be able to listen to her favorite channels. Actually these two channels were a reason of selecting the Streamium version over a casual Mini Hi-Fi system (as PC doesn’t bring in this case a simplicity of use).

Thanks in advance!