At first: The sound of this mp4 player is pretty fantastic.

Just two questions about my new bought GoGear Muse 16GB:

1. Why covers for FLAC-music won't be shown? Could Philips please fix that for the next coming firmware? (Yes, I've installed the latest firmware and all flac files got the ID3-Tag filled with the cover.jpg and in the album folder there is a file is called cover.jpg.) - I have tested it with different flac (without and with *.cue-files) files and with songbird, mp3tag and other things but it doesn't work.
And why my flac music is shown on the player with the messages "unknown album" and "unknown artist" ?!

2. Is it possible to use own jpg-background images? Just 3 themes which aren't indivudual, is a little bit to less I think.

Thank you in advance!