Maybe this is a well-known issue for you, but still I would like to highlight the situation I'm facing with.

I own a Philips 7000 series TV (47PFL7696H/12) with the latest firmware and I would like to play large movie files (>4GB) on my TV using a high-speed USB memory stick (e.g.: 32GB Transcend JetFlash 600). As most of you know, all memory sticks are formatted using FAT32 file-format. This format is universal and be 'viewed' by most of the OSs out there.

In order to copy large files on my memory stick, I had to change the file-format from FAT32 into ExFat, the reason being is that I have an Apple Macbook Pro and that is the only file-format which both Windows and Macs can read & write + it allows copying large files (>4GB). After I successfully overcame this obstacle, I had high hopes that my TV will definitely recognize and play the files I copied on the memory stick, but got this error message on the TV screen: 'Unsupported file: not able to execute'.

Is there any solution to my problem? How can I solve it?
First, I had to overcome 4GB files size restriction and the usability of a universal file format so that my Mac and TV could read it, guess I was wrong since ExFat formatted disks are not recognized by the TV.
Do you know if and when Philips will release a new firmware that could solve this matter or provide support for this file-format in the near future?

It's such a pain to have a brand new TV and so many restrictions.
What's the point in having USB ports on your TV if you cannot use them to their full potential? (e.g.: play large files using non-FAT32 file-formatted HDD or memory sticks)
As long as there are plenty of options to view data and information on all OSs out there, why can't it be on TVs as well?

Well, I hope somebody from Philips is taking this into their account and come up soon with a viable solution.