I just received my new MCI8080. I ordered it because test-results were good and the complete functionality with FM-Radio and Internetradio and HDD and DVD was what I was looking for.
First thing I did was the software update to the latest release.

Several things are absolutly annoying and the "Wife-acceptance-factor" is incredible low:

- the fan is running all time from start, I'm sitting 2m away from the device, one box directly behind my head and I can hear the fan clearly if volume is not too loud. Is there no fan-controller which controls the fan-speed depending on the temperature like in every cheap notebook or PC?

- When I listen to Internetradio (e.g. BBC 1) and want to switch to FM-Radio or CD there's no sound anymore (back to InternetRadio and everything is ok). In this case I've to restart the device by unplug/plug the power-cord.

- When I run the automatic search on FM-Radio it gets stuck by 8% and the whole device freezes.

- Eject of empty CD-tray needs 20 secs. Why???

- When I press FM-Radio on the remote-control the device shows the FM-Radio-menu but doesn't play the last station nor it accepts the stored stations preset on th 1..9 keys on the remote. I've always to enter one of the menus and select a station manually. This is absolutly annoying if I'm at the other end of the room and the display is not in view.

- Android App has no Volume-Control (or I simply don't find it because it's hidden somewhere) and is extremly slow.

For my part now after three days of using the device I'm completly disappointed and my girlfriend sets the WAF to "0" because unplugging the device to restore functionality is no option.
Is there any chance that the problems will be resolved within the next days? Otherwise I'll return this device to Amazon.