I have just received our new BDP7600/05 blu-ray player to go with our Philips 40PFL8605H/12 TV and are having an issue with what can be best described as a 'clipping' or 'clicking' noise from the TV speakers that occurs regularly every second or so like a clock when playing blu-rays and DVD's.

I've connected the HDMI straight from the blu-ray player to the TV so it's a simple set up. The noise seems to get louder and softer at random times but is always there to some extent and is very irritating. I've changed HDMI leads and moved the blu-ray incase that was having some effect but it is still there, it seems worse on the menus. The noise isn't there when using BBC iPlayer, Net TV or the player Menus. I've updated both TV and Player to the latest software two days ago so presume it's not a old software issue and ruled out the TV as our Sky receiver is not giving any issues and i've put it through the same HDMI ports as the blu-ray player.

Rather annoyingly the Philips blu-ray has replaced an outstanding Sony blu-ray player that has given us two years sterling performance, but I wanted the TV and player to match.

Any help or advice much appreciated.