Hello everyone,

in the printed manual on page 16 "Using the TV as a PC Monitor"

1 HDMI 1 or HDM 2 input MUST be connected to the DVI output of the PC. Use a DVI to HDMI adaptor to do the connection.
My notebook has only a HDMI plug. No DVI plug. Right now I connected the TV using a normal HDMI to HDMI cable. I can see the windows desktop but I have some problems finding a proper resolution where I can use the full screen size and while a quadrat in a picture (for example 5cm times 5cm) is still a shown as a quadrat on the TV. The wide side is always to big and therefore horizontal lengthened.

Does the TV expect a DVI (notebook) to HDMI (TV) cable in order to function as correctly?

Windows does already recognize as Plug and Play monitor. So am I already fine?

Or should I by a HDMI to DVI adapter, plug it into the notbook, connect a DVI (adapter) to HDMI (TV) cable? What I mean is,
would HDMI (notebook) --> HDMI to DVI adapter --> DVI to HDMI cable to TV. Would that work better or is this a bad idea?

Any help much appreciated.