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Update on the channel update issue:
I contacted Philips and they had Technorep to contact me.
They told me how I can turn OFF the automatic channel update option (that was greyed out and could not be switched off).
When this option is on and not available, switch from DVB-C to DVB-T, turn off the automatic updates and switch back from DVB-T to DVB-C. Done in a minute. Now check some days whether this works or not !

After this change I had reboots the same evening.
Thursday I decided to install the latest sw and re-install the tv completely (including channels). During the channel install the TV crashed 3 times. After removing the wireless dongle PTA/01 it finally succeeded. After that the TV worked fine.
Friday evening no problems for more than 4 hours!
But iafter watching a movie via DLNA turned back to TV and had black screen. Turned the tv into standby and on again. Channels back, but also a spontaneous reset within a few minutes !