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    Better and faster User Interface

    In general the menu of the Philips 9706 is very slow, it should be faster and more responsive. There was an improvement from the first firmware, but it is still slow.

    There should be a separate key for the TV GUIDE, it should be possible to select a certain programm which just pressing a key and it shouldn't be necessary to do this in a additional sub menu.

    It is completly unnecessary that the adjust Function only shows 3 buttons, if you want to access Ambilight or 3D you have to press left, then the Smart Menu zooms down slow, zooms up again, and shows the next 3 funtions. Why not use the same layout as in the home menu? Or at least use up and down keys to go to the next menus.

    In general it would be very useful if you allow that the user to add or removes functions to each of the menus. Because the function Speaker in the Smart Menu is used I think only once after you installed the TV, but the 3D Menu with the 2D->3D Calculation is used much more often.

    At the moment you have to do the following to change one of the settings

    Press Home
    right (now you are over Configuration)
    Press OK (now you are in Configuration)
    Press Down
    Press OK
    Press OK
    Press OK
    and now are able to select one of the predefined picture settings to modify them.

    Sometimes I would prefere to switch PNM or Noise Reduction on and off very fast, but I do not want to change the other picture parameters.

    A easy solution for this could be, without any change on the hardware. Allow the user to assign Hotkeys to some functions.

    For example the yellow and green key are normally not used if you are not in a menu. The function on the blue key with energy saving is I think not used that much.

    You could allow the user to assign functions like TV Guide, Picturesettings, current TV Programm, usb recorded prgramm etc. directly to one of this keys.

    The 0 key could be also be used for additional function, because you only need it after you pressed key 1-9. Or it could be some sort of hotkey to access a menu where key 1-9 is assigned with other functions.

    The current TV programm should be shown directly after you switch to a channel with an information how long it lasts

    It shouldb

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    Currently I have FW v0.14.93.0 for 7000 series.

    US is slow, very slow.
    Video player lack of many features like easy selecting video scene or time. File browsing take a a long time to actually select wanted file. There should be shortcuts to make this work more agile and interface should be much faster.

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