I have a 37PFL7605, with the Dutch Ziggo TV provider. I'm using the build in CI+ module.

Since the last month or so, during every few minutes, the TV goes black for 2 seconds, sound also discontinues. Then, the picture is restored and the sound also most of the time. Sometimes (every half hour) the sound does not restore. When this happens, switching TV channels helps.

I'm pretty convinced that something in the TV reboots when this happens. This because when I try to start netTV after a failure, the TV first has to make the connection to the Philips server.

The TV also reboots when viewing the TV guide.

Maybe it has something to do with the 'channel update' functionality. I used to have enabled the message when there is a channel update, and when such a message appeared, the same behavior could be observed.

It is really really really annoying!

Ideas anyone? I'm ready to trash this set when it can't be solved.