I've bought a Philips BDP9600 just yesterday, installed today but got a trouble when turning it on. Basically the front light starts to flash and it goes on and on for a while (at least 1 minute, but even more). After that it turns off. When I just installed, it took a few tries to get it to work. At the very end it worked.

Now it works fine and I'm starting to appreciate its fine qualities, but when I turn it off and go away even for a short while, when I come back and turn it on, the same problem faces again, flashing front light and then it works.

Frankly, this looks like everything but a normal behaviour, so I was wondering if there were any tips. Is this a mechanical problem or something else? Is there a fix? I've upgraded the firmware to the last version, 1.61 , all went perfectly but the problem is still there.

I hope you can give me some good news on the matter.