Thomas (or other Philips representatives),

I have the 58pfl9956 21:9 screen and I am facing the issue with backlight error issue (very unstable control of local dimming):

I know that Philips are working on a software fix on the issue but I hear that the issue is not prioritised at Philips. I would think that fixing issues on your high-end models would be an important thing to prioritise. I feel that I do not get the maximum out of a good screen and that the screen is a uncomplete product.

As there a new models coming out from other producers prices on existing models are beginning to go down in the market. I have begun to think I could have waited to buy my TV as it is not a finished product.

Can you say anything about how long it will take for Philips to fix this issue ? Are we talking about a week, month, two months? A year?

Please give your feedback !

Kind regards, Espen