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    PHILIPS PLEASE HELP: HTS8562/12 crashing Philips Cinema Gold TV (50PFL7956H/12)

    Hi all, this issue is driving me mad for so far. I made a video to explain the problems I'm facing. This is my setup:
    - Philips Cinema Gold TV (50PFL7956H/12) - latest firmware 14.95
    - Philips Home Theatre system HTS8562/12 - latest firmware 1.27

    This is the way I'd like to use them:
    - Turn HTS on when I'm turning on the TV by using Easylink
    - Play the sound from the TV set through the HTS speakers by using the HDMI-ARC sound connection
    - Turn the HTS off when I turn off the TV, again by Easylink.

    These are the problems I'm facing:
    - Even when all Easylink settings are set as they should the HTS doesn't start automatically when I start the TV.
    - If I'm watching TV and I start the HTS then the tv crashes, reboots and all personal settings are lost (the picture format goes to the top most option "Auto-fill", the smart picture goes to "standard" instead of personal, PNM is on although TV says it's off - you can see ghosting on fast moving images, Easylink connection to the HTS is lost). The HTS disappears from the TV menu.
    - If I try to scan the HDMI source from the HTS after the TV-crash the HTS says it cannot find any HDMI devices connected.

    I made a video to illustrate this, here's the link:

    To solve all this I do a cold reset, unplug both TV and HTS form power and turn them on again. But as soon as I turn the HTS back on, the TV crashes again and it starts all over again.

    This issue is driving me to despair, I was having a lot of resets after the 14.84 firmware update with the TV when connected to a video source and a Philips Support Remote employee swiped a part of the memory he believed to have been written by data that should not have been there. After that the resets ceased, now there's only a reset when I start my HTS.

    I talked to Philips Customer Support and they said they are going to send a technician from an affiliate repair company to take a look at the set and the settings. This appointment took place yesterday, the technician checked all settings and said they are all fine and he told me he had never seen this problem before. He said they could try to change the SSB board of the TV, but he didn't know exactly what software bundles should be loaded on the board so they are investigating on that. Now I'm waiting for them to make a new appointment but I'm not sure if the problem is with the software of with the hardware. I'm not eager to let the affiliate service technician to open my TV and change parts they are to even sure they have the right software on...

    I don't know what to do anymore, what action should I take, Philips please advise, the TV is fantastic but this is not as it should be. I purchased the TV back in August, right after release and I've been experiencing nothing but problems
    Last edited by bluevoice; 02-16-2012 at 08:26 AM. Reason: TV software updated to 14.95, still no improvement

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