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    Quote Originally Posted by Philips View Post
    Dear Bluevoice,

    Don't think that nothing has been done in the last months. There were extensive investigations by the HTS team and TV team (although for the outside world it often does not looks that way).
    I did not say that "you must wait a few weeks more until we start the investigations". Please read carefully. I clearly indicated "From our investigations sofar...", and I also indicated the reason for the delay.
    I'm really sorry to dissapoint you, but I want to be clear.

    Hi JuAn,

    The Philips technical service providers here in the Netherlands, both Technorep and E-care told me that because of 'only' a few complaints on this issue, Philips does not consider this problem a high priority and they don't have the confidence that Philips is going to provide a solution on a short term, if ever.

    As it seems to me, Philips is not interested in making their products work together and is not interested in what customers think or how they use products and certainly not providing real solutions. What Philips is really interested about, in my opinion, is how to make quick wins, get our money out of our pockets and leave us, customers with our "imaginary problems" out in the cold. Your saying that Philips is now focusing on the 2012 TV lineup release only enhances this asumption. How can Philips move on working to a new series if serious problems with the 2011 lineup have not been fully solved? Don't you read posts about PNM always ON bug, local dimming problems, vertical banding, etc.?

    All I hear is, please wait some more... You expect me to come back after a few years, after the TV lineup has matured and the real bugs have been solved? I don't think so!

    It's a shame that Philips now uses its customers as beta testers, and provides TV's that do not work as advertised. I bought a TV, not a Microsoft PC with Windows 3.1 that if full of bugs and needs patching. I spent lot of money on this TV and I worked hard for the money and I'm not going to buy a new TV next year because Philips miraculosly solved all problems using my time and my feedback!!! Maybe users should gather their complaints and start a lawsuit on this.

    In the last 7 month, I was without tv for 2 weeks and also without HTS for other 2 weeks. So during 1 month out of 7 I was not able to use those products because of issues for which Philips is responsible. I also filed an official complaint but nobody seems to care. I received nothing to date.

    The technical service providers visited me 8 times, but besides of swapping SSB boards and restoring some functionality and losing other functionality, they just raised their shoulders and said they've agnowledged the problem but have no clue how to solve it.

    So how do you expect me to trust Philips and future products ever again?
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