Hi Schrauber,

I can confirm that the issue is still not fixed with the 14.99 upgrade. I had contact with Philips on this issue and they were able to reproduce the issue, however reproducing it is tough because the reboots are very unpredictable. I still hope for a fix for this. It really is a shame that Philips's high end products are incompatible with each other.

I will ask my contact what the status is on this problem.

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I still have my 40PFL9606. I was still waiting for a new firmware release. Since yesterday it is still there. I must confirm, it brings good improvements to the TV. But in the issue discussed here, nothing is done.

The behaviour of my TV changed since 14.97 firmware. I do no longer get the entries from the HTS in the TVs menu. There is still only one entry for the HTS. This would be OK for me. But sometimes the TV goes to a reboot loop when switching to the HTS. Then it shows the picture of the HTS for some seconds and then it reboots. After reboot the same happens again and again. To end the loop, I have to switch both devices off and back on.

Mostly, after such a reboot loop, the HTS entry in the TVs menu is gone and there is an additional Scenea entry with no function. I can get back to the normals menu entrys by disconnecting both devices completely from power and wait some minutes.

Did anyone other notice such changes in the behaviour?