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On your last question: we will always try to solve major issue's.
The TV sets on a enbedded Linux System. This was a good choice, because that is a rocket solid system which can run 7/24 on desktops, server systems, mobiles, routers, NAS and so on.

Beside of that, the software engineers at Philips got it to the point where even this stable base gets into reboots. They're even not able to get a stable standby software. The resolution of them is that the 2012 line of TV also allows to update the standby software in a way like the rest of the software. Why do I, as a customer, have to care about the standby software at all?

On a TV which does crash in daily usage, and firmware updates on the other hand seems to fix sometimes only things like i18n issues, the question is what a major issue really is. This mainly depends on the strategy of the company in the term of a long lasting customer loyality business model. As it seems, most people still expect from Philips to build rocket solid devices. This means not only hardware should be solid, also the software has to be solid. I'm afraid the old view of the customers on the company and the new strategy of the company don't fit together anymore. That's a really dangerous path.

Please proof me that I'm wrong.