I have also now de sound stutter bug on my 55 7606K02 TV.
Has someone also problems to control the PS3 over HDMI CEC with the TV Remote? It jumps often 2 or 3 menu entrys instead of one.

My configuration is:
TV Connected to german cable tv where i mix the free digital channels and the anolog channels.
TV is connected over etherner to a router.
HDMI1: Digital Cabel TV recorder without CEC funktionality from unitymedia. (sound stuttering)
HDMI2: Computer
HDMI3: Playstation 3
Ext1 (scart): Xbox 1
USB1: external Harddisk

  1. Sound stuttering
  2. Digital Recievers without cec connection dialog fails. When i turn on the Cable reciever on HDMI1 the TV adds always a menu entry to the home screen. But then it starts seaching the device and after 30 seconds it fails to connect with it. The screen is gray and i have to press the back button to get the normal view. Is there a way to disable CEC only for one HDMI port? so i dont have to press the gray menu always away?
  3. youtube app is anoying with its autoplay functionality and ugly menu!
  4. Ambilight flickering with PS3 and other devices in 3D mode
  5. Firmware generally SLOW animations
  6. ugly and slow EPG

Question to Philips:
Why counts the 7606k02 to the 5808 and 6000 series? logically for me the 7606 series has more to do withe the higher models because of its Ambilight, 3D and recorder functionality.

Question to Philips:
There are now 21 pages of complaining users in one moth about the current firmware (14.93 all series together).
And there a no statements from philips and eaven somebody writes here that they are not working on a new firmware and philips dosent say anithing about it. So is it true?