not mentioned issue:

Enabling 3D dosent work directly.
If I see a SBS movie or game with my notebook or PS3. The firsttime I enable 3D Left/Right on the tv dosent work( still se the SBS picture) but its activated in the menu. Then i have to click on SBS Top/Bottem then the picture is like expected (a total mess because of the SBS left right content on a SBS top bottem enabled screen). Then I have to switch back to SBS Left Right with the tv remote. And then finaly I have the propper/expected 3D picture.

I have to this prozedur everytime I want to enable SBS left right. (Its also a bad commercial for philips everyone who wants to se the 3D of this tv sees this behaviour).

I Think we need a law which says that The Company which produces Hardware Produkts which are not working propperly or are not supported anymore have to publish all informations about the produkt and software to enable rewriting of software by a opensource community for this produkts.

That would help to stop the Companys to think just from year to year.
Then they would have two Options support the device and fix the sw. Or they have to open their produkts for cummunity development.