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    Hi all from Turkey,

    I bought 52PFL9606H this weekend.

    After reading lots of TV discussions during the last 2 months, I decided to add only 2 TV models in my shopping list list: Sony 55HX850 and Philips 52PFL9606H . All other brands had much much more problems for my acceptance.

    Before my purchase, I have read all your DSE related messages here (and on other forums) about 9 series. So I was completely aware of this issue. You can call me crazy but really not, just desperate. Because none of the current LED TV brands/models is problem-free, this is the result of all my TV investigation process during the last 2 months.

    Me and My wife went to a local Darty store in Istanbul and compared these two TV models side by side. I had a usb stick containing jpeg files to test death pixels, clouding, led backlighting, etc. As expected I found DSE/banding on 52PFL9606 as the same amount in the above attached photographs. But we also find that Sony 55HX850 had a bit more (like %30/40) DSE/banding effect ! I asked my wife to be sure, she said Sony had more DSE, too.

    I had read lots of things about the both models and decided the biggest problem in 9 series is DSE (I'm not interested in internal tuner, recording or multimedia file playing capabilities); but Sony had even more ! Additionally I have read 4-5 more problems written by Sony owners. So Philips became the best option for us. I purchuased a new closed boxed 52PFL9606H, it also had DSE/banding effect like the one in the store.

    I'm sure it's pretty normal to expect no issue on a high end TV like this, but unfortunately this is a fact that Led TV technology had lots of problems. But I still prefer Led's over Plasma's . I'll not enter Plasma discussions here, but "Plasma problems list" is much more irritating me. Anyway, I'm happy with my new purchase, but still would appreciate to Philips if they can fix DSE with a software update (However not sure they could) .
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