I've tried the last couple of days, to get my dads 32PLF7476 with a RC4495 remote (which should support universal remote programming) to work with his Blue-ray player (BDP3100/12).

I started by upgrading both the TV and BDP sw to latest firmware.

The TV seems to find a player on the appropriate port (HDMI2).
It tells me to enter the 4-digit code 2195, and after that to hold down the standby button until the blue-ray player turns off.

This unfortunately never happens (at least not within the 12-15minutes I was sitting holding down the standby button).

Can anyone help out?
Do I need a different firmware? (i.e. is the TV firmware too old to know about BDP3100?)
Can I cheat it by entering a different code? What should that be (instead of the 2195 it asks me to enter).

Please, it seems weird that a Philips TV with a very nice remote cannot work together with a simple philips blue-ray player.
It must be possible. I hope.