Hi all, hope you're well, and had a great Christmas.

I've got a bit of a problem, and hoping for some, or lots of help. A few months ago, I bought a Samsung D7000. After 2 repairs, an exchange, and another repair, Samsung are giving me a refund. Since then, I've been looking around the net for a new TV. I found some videos of the Philips 58PFL9956, and have fallen in love. I've read reviews, and it sounds great. This is where I have problems, no shops within 50-60 miles of me stock it. Was hoping, that people who own, or have seen it could answer some questions for me?

1. What is the 3D like, compared to other manufacturers?
2. When watching 16:9 films, or TV, does it stretch the picture?
3. If it does, what is the quality like?
4. Are there any major problems with this model?