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    [32PFL9705/K02] NetTV does not work

    I hope this ist the right place for my problem description.
    My TV Set has a severe Problem with Nettv. It doesn't work any more. The apps are loaded, when I click an icon with my remote control the icon will be highlightet, but nothing else happens.
    At first I thought it was a network problem with my LAN, but I tested it with another Router, and my Bluray PLAY BDP 7500MKII/12 works with Nettv. Then I changed the IP settings in the TV Set from dynamic to static with no result.
    I resetted the settings, I tried Nettv with oder without registration. No positive result.

    This problem persists since a couple of Firmware versions an months, I think in spring or early summer 2011 NetTV did it. Today I tried the new firmware 140.45 but nothing changed with my problem.

    What can I do? The BDP7500 is quite slow and it has no "ARD Mediathek" app. So I want my Nettv back on TV.
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