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    Unhappy RTL XL: videos dont start

    Hi Philips support,

    I have a 42PFL7606 TV and I cannot watch videos using the RTL XL app .

    22 dec:
    - I installed the TV
    - I checked for firmware updates (it was already up to date)
    - I installed the RTL XL app
    - I opened the RTL XL app and clicked on a video: screen turns black and I returned to the previous screen. I tried about 10 videos.
    - commercials that some videos in RTL XL have, are shown correctly
    - Uitzendinggemist app shows videos correctly

    27 dec:
    - I tried the RTL XL app again, same result. I tried about 5 videos
    - Uitzendinggemist app showed result again correctly

    Just let me know if you need more info. Thanks for picking this up!
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