Hi everyone,

I'm a little bit confused since I bought my 42PFL7656K/02 regarding watching 3D Blurays.
I only have a HTPC and also bought a sony bluray drive.
I started with my onboard ATI HD3200 which seemed to be too weak and I also
struggled with PDVD9/10/11 not recognizing my 3D TV.

So I tried to inform myself and read something about HDMI 1.4, so I bought a
ATI HD 6450 which seemed to have HDMI 1.4 -> but no luck. PDVD9 played the
3D content as if it was row-interleaved but the TV doesn't recognized it as 3D content
and displayed it in normal 2D (which looked not that good) and switching to SBS or top-bottom
made it even worse

So here I read some post where it the problem seemed to be the graphic card and
one time the Nvidia GT 520 was a successful choice.

Now I just wanted to ask if the GT520 (or the performance stronger GT430) is a good choice
with my 42PFL7656?
And what Video player should I use? Is PDVD11 also known to work with this TV? (Which option should I use
in the 3D settings?)

Any hint is welcome!

Greetings from Austria,