I'd like to ask how many people are facing the same issues as I do located in Switzerland.

I remember using NetTV services one Year ago already with no issues.
However I wanted to try again now and face issues to get connected.

The error message I always face is "Verbindungsaufbau zum Server" which means "connecting server".
I then registered my TV here on the pages thinking that needs to be done for some reason after the NetTV relaunch.

In fact I once could see the next page on the TV saying I have to register with my EMailaddress.
I was confused because I already did that on the "Club Philips " and got Mail "Ihre Net-TV-Registrierung im Club Philips".
However I did it on the TV as well but didnt get any further Mail.

For that evening I could check what NetTV has to offer. I did watch 2 hours or so.
Unfortunately it never worked again .. it is always showing "Verbindungsaufbau zum Server" since then.

I tried what is suggested on other threads here such as "turn off - on - wait 2min. - try". I have purged the TV-Internet "cache". But I didnt reset to any factory defaults.

I'm using a Zywall-NAT-Firewall USG100.


TV: 37PFL8404H/12
FW: Q5492-