when I play mkv or avi files from USB they show only the correct aspect ratio when the files are coded in 16:9 (1,78:1) ratio

If the files are coded in cinema format 2,35:1 or TV format 4:3 the player converts the output to 16:9 so that the diplay (is set to 16:9) will not show up and bottom black bars for cinema format 2,35:1 or right and left black bars for TV format 4:3.
And of course the picture is horizontal compressed for cinema format 2,35:1 and horizontal elongated for TV format 4:3.

Is there a setting for FW 1.57 that will remain the correct aspect ratio for formats different from 16:9?

If I look these files on my Windows 7 computer Windows Media Player will show them with the correct aspect ratio on my computer dispay and on my Sony TV display (HDMI).

If no such settig is availible: @Philips support, please implement it in the next FW release.... Thank you.